Information Technology & Electronics

IT & Electronics

Need to ship a server rack? Relocate a computer center?

We specialize in packing and shipping computers, monitors, servers, scanners, printers, copiers, TVs, and other small or large electronic equipment.  We understand that IT/Electronic equipment often has moving parts inside and is very susceptible to damage during shipping.  For this reason we have processes and techniques in place to properly handle and protect your IT/Electronic items.



  • Custom Ramps for easy (un)loading
  • Electrical Charge Protection through the use of anti-static packaging
  • Floating Decks to provide extra shock cushioning
  • Re-Useable Crates for trade shows
  • Vapor Barrier Bagging to prevent corrosion during Ocean Shipping

Dedicated Service

The containers and packaging that Craters & Freighters of Indianapolis fabricates are custom to each individual shipment.  Therefore understanding our customers’ needs and the items’ characteristics are most important to us so that we can assure your IT/Electronic items arrive safely and damage free.

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