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"Hi Steve & Sandi,

We received the crate this morning and I was able to quickly test it with the cell. I have to tell you it fits like glove and it is a piece of art! I love the ramp, hinges lock etc.

It's a pleasure doing business with you guys!

Thanks a lot."


"The crate has delivered and exceeds expectations.
Thanks and look forward to doing business with you in the future."

"It was the best freight packing job I've ever seen! Wow. Awesome."
Thank you for your excellence. Tracy



You guys did a great job, thank you so much.  Great packing, no problems.  John



"You have been amazing to work with!!




Hi Sandi,

"Yes, we are very pleased with your service! The crate is great and the shipment fast."


Thank you,


"The crate arrived in good order and the desk within was in great shape. Nice job with all the packaging!"

Thanks again,
Jamie Hecker

"Hello Sandi,
I brought my artwork home today from my office.  You did an excellent job with the packing –  everything was snug and undamaged.  My husband was determined to save the box so, it took ages to get it open.  Thank you for taking such good care of us."
All the best,

"Hi Sandi,
The crates arrived yesterday on time and are perfect.  Thank you all so much for wonderful service and I look forward to working with you again soon!"
John Johnson



"We received our vanity in perfect shape on 3/18.  Thank you for your careful packing of this delicate furniture.  If I ever order from this supplier again I will be sure to use your company for our shipping needs."  

Mary Shaffer


"Hi Sandi,
Everything arrived without any problems. I appreciate the quick response and great packing & crating service that you provided. I'll definitely keep in mind for any future needs."

"Excellent packaging job. Appreciate the help. I will contact you again if I need your help in the future."

"Hi Sandi
Yes it arrived yesterday and was in great shape. You guys did a fantastic job and we will certainly use you in the future.
Manager, Shipping & Receiving

Thank you all for your timely delivery of the sofa. It was in mint condition and all went well. It's apparent you run a quality business. I will use you again."

"Was going to call you!!!!!

The most awesome packing job EVER!!!!!!

You guys are the best!!!!!"


"Hi Eileen:

Just to let you know I picked up the sofa shipment today. WOW! You'll did a fantastic job and it came through in great condition.

I really appreciate you taking such good care!"

My gratitude,

Jerry Twentier
Houston, TX

We were very pleased with the service provided by Craters & Freighters!
The desk and credenza you shipped for us were built by my father who was a cabinet maker by trade, from a cherry tree that grew in our front yard.

The pieces were used for 30 plus years by my husband; they will now be used by our son who lives in North Carolina with the intent of them being passed on to our 10 year old grandson.

As you can imagine, I was very anxious about anyone handling our furniture much less moving it across the country.

The gentlemen who came to our house to pick up the furniture were very respectful of our treasures, and apparent all those along the way were too in that the pieces arrived without any new marks.

Please thank all those involved for their special care.

You made this family very happy!"

"Hello Sandi,  
Amanda said that the delivery was made very smoothly yesterday and that Poseidon was beautifully packed! You and your company have done an excellent job from start to finish so please pass on my regards to Eileen who was so very helpful as well. I will gladly recommend you to others. Everything that you did was flawless so I will let the trust company know how efficient and professional you were and to consider your services in the future."
Thank you.

"Thanks Sandi -

Everything arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance.  We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Kindest regards,


"Dear Sandi,
I really can not thank you enough. You saved the day for me!
I think you are a wonderful company and I wish you guys were in every city throughout the US!"
Many thanks,

"The service was wonderful and the shipment arrived safely.  Thank you for your help with my move!"


"I wanted to thank you and your company for the great job.  I was totally impressed with the professional way everything was handled and with the way our goods were packed and shipped.  Great Job!  Thanks to everyone at Craters and Freighters of Indianapolis." Bart

"Hi Sandi -
Thanks for all of your help.  Everyone at your firm that we dealt with was great!"
Best regards,



"My first experience with this company.  They were easy to work with, thorough in their approach, provided excellent quality and performed well with a sense of urgency."



We are ecstatic!!   Our shipment of heirloom furniture and family treasures arrived in perfect condition right on schedule.   Many, many thanks!

We are so impressed with the quality of your company’s service.  You and your expert team carefully handled every detail: the logistics planning & scheduling, the moving and packing, the amazing custom-designed crates and containers, and the transport over land and ocean.  We couldn’t be more pleased!  We’re very grateful for everything you and everyone there at Craters & Freighters of Indianapolis did to ensure safe delivery of our shipment.

Thank you so much for everything!"

With appreciation and best regards,

Debbie & Gerry

"Thank you for very professional service."




"As promised, my happy note. The Table looks great, and I was stunned by how good a job was done on the crate and internal protection. Really superb work.

In case you didn't see the packaging when it left your location, look at how clean (see that attachments) it is when delivered. Again superb!

BTW, it was Matthew who pointed me in your direction. Thanks Matthew.

Thank you so much."



"Hey Eileen.  Just wanted to say that your delivery guy was very professional and took good care of the artwork.  Thanks."

"Paintings delivered in Wyoming yesterday- THANKS for another great job. I posted about your company on Facebook.  Lots of artist friends on there!"


"Hello Eileen,
Yes indeed, were very pleased with the condition of freight upon receipt as well as the logistic schedule we worked out with you and your team."
Thank You!

"Thanks Eileen!  You have been amazing throughout this whole process."

"All 3 kids were very impressed with your quality of service!  Thank you!"


“Hi Steven,
I must say it was the best crating job I have ever seen, it took three of us to disassemble it.  I just wanted to tell you and your company that the job you did was superb and I can honestly say, should the need ever arise, I will always use your services.
The care  you took in packaging this glass was excellent and much appreciated!



"Hi Eileen,
Your company did a great job---It is the best crating that I have ever received."



"Dear Diane,
I am writing you this quick email because I feel it is important to give compliments to business that deliver service to the customers as promised.  I am very impressed with your company and the customer service. Quick synopsis  I have shipped from four different locations of Craters and Freighters items to arrive in California.  The items are not easy items to pickup package and ship as they are mostly glass/mirrored vintage oddball items:). I have attached pictures of my shipments.  I would like you to know that it started with my first shipment from Florida.  Jessica Brandon and Cecil Rowe along with Joe but first contact was with Jessica and she assured me my fretwork credenza would be just fine. It arrived here without a problem and I have come back for more!!! I will just list the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to assist me with all my pickup/crating and shipping needs. If you have a moment to spare would you give me a quick call at (XXX)XXX-XXXX.  I would love to speak with you to let you know that your business is a true gem these days with customer service and careful packing and ALL AROUND EXCEPTIONAL!! Thank you for being detailed toward your customers needs and it is extraordinary to have a consistent pleasant experience with 4 different locations with items that are hard to ship to say the least."
Thank you,
Becky Gibbons 


"Hi Steven,
really sorry for the late reply, iv been overseas and just got back this week.
iv received the crate last month, the crate was really good, and you packed it up really well.
to be honest, firstly when you quoted me $700 for the crate i thought that was completely rip off however after i see the actual crate, $700 is good reasonable price.
bottom line, im really happy with the crate, and your service too.
both you and Lindsay been really helpful to answer every single questions i had.
thank you so much for your help. will defo recommend Craters and Freighters to friends."
kind regards,



“Just wanted to let you know that Craters & Freighters picked up the chemistry line today.  They did an excellent job and were not your typical movers that we have dealt with in the past.  It was quite the task to get all of that equipment lifted in some fashion to be "rollable" and transported from the basement to the loading dock which was quite a distance away.  Not an easy task at all and it took four men from 9 am to 3 pm non stop.
I know most people take the time to complain, but not the time to say a few kind words.  I would recommend them anytime!”
Jennifer James
Department of Pathology
Eskenazi Health



“Steven – Excellent, thanks for the update.
Thank you for all the logistical support and your personal attention to detail and excellence during our data center move last year.
You set the bar high for the others that compete in your industry.
Thank you,
Bill Shettle” 



“Great Job.”  - John   Brass Sculpture going to New York City from
Wickliff Auctioneers in Carmel, IN 



“Motor arrived in good shape. Thanks!”
Kevin Price, CEO Renewable Sales LLC



The crates look great.”
Production Manager | Praxair Surface Technologies 



“My experiences with Craters & Freighters of Indianapolis were commercial through my place of employment  rather than consumer/residential for me personally.  On two occasions within the last month, I needed to have computer data center equipment shipped.  In one instance it was an empty 6 foot tall (72" x 23" x 39") server rack enclosure.  In the second, it was a rack enclosure including servers, routers, switches, and cable management that a client wanted shipped intact.

We had never worked with Craters & Freighters of Indianapolis before but contacted them, along with two other firms, to obtain quotes.  The representatives of Craters & Freighters not only provided a competitive price but were prompt in returning phone calls and pleasant to speak with.  After committing to use their services, we found that the staff members who came to pack and remove the equipment were punctual, courteous, and professional.

We will most assuredly use Craters & Freighters of Indianapolis the next time we have need for packing and shipping services to transport large, heavy, or oversized objects.


"Hey Steven -
The shipment arrived yesterday.  Really impressed with the packaging and the entire experience overall.  Thanks so much!"
James Ransom Photographer 



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services.   We were all extremely impressed with the professionalism your company demonstrated coordinating the pickup and delivery of our servers.  You kept me informed every step of the process from the time the servers were picked up, to the time they arrived in Tampa.  The packing was absolutely amazing!
We will definitely keep you in mind for our future moving and transportation needs.



The paintings arrived yesterday. That was the most impressively packed box I have ever seen! Thank you.

Take care,

Mary Ellen”



“Hi Lindsay,

I’m sure Walt will call, but I wanted to let you know George and Martha made it safely to the gallery.  Thank you to you and Steve for such an outstanding job getting them here! I really appreciate your help-you both went above and beyond the call of duty.  I will highly recommend you to anyone in the Indianapolis area who need to ship artwork.





Shipment arrived today, INCREDIBLE packaging. Thank you very much for your service.”



"Hi Steve, The sign arrived in perfect shape, 24 pieces of glass and not a single broken piece. I'm very happy, please extend a big THANK YOU to all the folks involved!!!!



“Hello Steve,

Rocky and I want to thank you for your efforts in getting the paintings here.  The packing was impeccable and we appreciate your professionalism.

I will contact John Watts and let him know they arrived safely and of your great service.

Our Best,

Kat & Rocky”



“Good Morning Mr. Miller,

Just wanted to send a message telling you that the shipment that I received here in Alaska was received in great condition.   The box was packed exceptionally well and I was so pleased that I had to let Craters & Freighters know!!! Have a great day!!!

Thank you,



"Steven – thought you might like to know that Capgemini was very impressed with your packing job."

"Confirmed – it is the switch and router.   Incredible job packing… wooden box screwed together with dividers and foam packed."



“Thank you Lindsay,
You all did a great job – you can use me for a reference anytime.
Have a great day/week!
Glenn Heiber
Crane America Services” 


"They do a great job shipping equipment and reasonably priced – have asked them for a quote to move all the other gear that we need to get from Louisville to your data center at some point during this transition."

“Hi Steve,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Lindsay for doing such a great job of arranging packaging and transport of our china cabinet and cedar chest.  The packaging was secure and thoughtful.  My dad had only good things to say about the driver who picked up the furniture:  professional, courteous, friendly etc.  I was concerned about delivery to our home but that went well also.  Turns out White Bear Trucking services our area and has delivered here before!  The driver was extremely helpful, friendly and courteous.  You guys did a great job.  Thank you!

Christine Flannigan”

“Hi Steven, The cabinet arrived as promised on Friday, November 2.  It was well packaged and arrived in great condition. Thanks so much for the care you took in delivering it to us.  Jim Kracht”

“You guys did a fantastic job.
Aaron Korn
Landstar Logistics”



"Desk arrived on Friday about 2:00.  You did a fantastic job crating it.  My husband and I  were very impressed.  Thank you very much for your service."
Shirley Kratz 



“Craters & Freighters have packaged several items for Monitoring Solutions, including some odd shaped items and shipments going overseas. Their products are well made and sturdy. We are proud to utilize them as an extension of our product and plan to use them in the future. Their pricing is reasonable and their personnel are very knowledgeable and professional. They have accommodated our shipping schedules which have sometimes been outside of normal business hours and yet they still maintain a friendly attitude. I recommend them highly for any crating and shipping both domestic and international.”
Erlinda Miller | Project Engineer at Monitoring Solutions 



“Beautifully crated – thank you, Steve, for all that you did to make this happen so quickly.

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